Hiring a Professional Event | Wedding Photographer or get a Friend to do it for free.

Why is hiring a professional wedding photographer so prominent?

Should I hire a professional event/wedding photographer or get a friend to do it for free?

Guess we all remember about the clichéd story which photographers often tell their clients when someone rethinks between hiring a professional photographer or telling his or her friends or someone in relation to, photographing once in a lifetime wedding ceremony.

As the story goes:


“A group of artists is invited to dinner by a famous chef. In greeting the photographer, the chef comments: I love your photos, they are wonderful, and you must have a very expensive camera.

The photographer does not reply and walks into the dining room. After dinner, the photographer approaches the chef and says: Dinner was sensational, very exquisite flavor, a true work of art, you must have a very sophisticated stove”

Allways Fotografie makes you smile alwaysWe’re well aware of the fact that taking pictures may seem to be very easy for every layperson while hiring an event/wedding photographer can sometimes be extraordinarily expensive. However, taking amazing photographs of such an important day is often not at all really easy, as it seems to all of us. As your wedding is one of the most vital days in your life, one indeed needs a good a well-experienced photographer all along, who is capable of documenting everything that happens on that day and so not miss even on the smallest of the event/wedding details. All professional photographers like us, who work in this industry, use not only sophisticated and high quality equipment, but also being a profession in the field, has sufficient talent, experience, and creativity to capture the atmosphere of your Big Day.

Allways Fotografie makes you smile always

Although having one of your friends and guests, as your event/wedding photographer, can be an alluring proposal, for sometimes, they can be technically prepared for the shoot. However, unfortunately, they will never have the experience that is needed for shooting your photographs to make a story of your wedding day. This is what professional wedding photographers usually do. Professional wedding photographers are trained to capture colours, moments, and details of emotions so that every time you look at your wedding photographs, they become alive in front of your eyes. Though some shots like cutting the cake or the first dance are usually planned, but most of the brilliant wedding compositions cannot just be seen, before the moment unfolds in front of the photographer’s eyes. So to be able to capture the fleeting moments of joy and sorrows with your family and friends during the wedding, one has to be quick. It is only a professional photographer who is always capable of doing this out of personal experiences, as it is only a professional who can predict these rare photographic moments every time.

Allways Fotografie makes you smile alwaysGood photography is something quite different from just owning a fancy camera. Photo professionals often spend thousands of hours to get trained as a photographer and another few hundred for photographing weddings. So they, in fact, really know how to get a million-dollar shot predictably right every time. Myself as a photographer, I do always shoot in manual mode- so it is me who literally tells the camera what it should be doing, rather than permitting the camera’s auto sensor to decide on behalf of myself. Without myself and my years of experience as an event/wedding photographer behind the lens, the camera never knows how to compose the shot beautifully and then execute it with precision and skill. So after paying for a professional wedding photographer, if you want that cinematic beautiful photograph, of you and your husband or wife exquisitely backlit by a red sunset in the horizon- you can only get that from me as a pro in photography, as no camera can read correctly and set that tricky photo exposure by reading the fading light.

Moreover, I am one person who will never feel awkward standing in the middle of the church or get distracted by chatting guests while taking photos of you and your surroundings. Allways Fotografie makes you smile alwaysExperienced wedding photographers never get flapped by cave dark wedding ceremonies or parties thrown in bright midday sunlight. A professional photographer, per se, can walk into any room and know with a blink of his eye, where is the best spot to stand and what the best exposure will be- every time without fail, by manually changing the camera’s ISO, aperture and the shutter speed. Out of their vast experience of being in a number of different weddings, professional wedding photographer knows how the day flows. He knows where and when to look and is every time capable of sneaking a shot of your dad or mum with tears in their eyes.

Your event Companion

Allways Fotografie makes you smile alwaysA professional wedding photographer is also your best friend on your Big Day. It takes years of experience to know what to say (and obviously what not to say) on a day when everyone’s emotions are sky-high. Pro photographers are the ones who are not only capable of getting a big group of people rounded up for their photos cooperatively and cheerfully without any yelling, but they also know how to how to advise you on lacing up your dress that may have looked so easy in the shop- but now seems as cumbersome and complicated as a jigsaw puzzle. Alternatively, per se, know how to calm down your mum when the flowers show up, and she finds that they are in the wrong colours.

Backup Gears & Accessories

Allways Fotografie makes you smile alwaysMoreover, non-professional wedding photo enthusiasts may never carry a backup gear with them, which professionals always do. So even if anything goes wrong (be it the battery or the memory card) a professional wedding photographer shall always have a spare to continue with his job under all deplorable and adverse circumstances.

What's the Conclusion?

So this is for now!

I have put these words together to all future grooms and brides those who are still thinking of having “Uncle Tom” to photograph their wedding. May be Uncle Tom is a friend of your family and has a great passion for photography and is also a great guy. But I am very much sure he would much rather enjoy your wedding day celebration with love and peace, like the rest of the guests.

So spare on your wedding budget and appoint a professional wedding photographer on your Big Day- who really does care!

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